Carole Sanek

Owner of The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC



The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC

Ahhhh life – it’s bigger and now that you have that song playing in your head I want to spin you some thoughts about life because whatever you do every waking moment is a marketing maneuver personally and professionally.

It has taken me several years of floating around ideas here on this podcast about which direction I wanted to take it.  I started the community on Facebook called Working Women World and I even hold a US Service Mark on it as my purpose was to have a separate podcast there.  Ahhhh life intervened and I have become too busy to add a second show.  Why reinvent the wheel?  I decided I could change the format and let this show do double duty.

Ahhhh life, it is crazy and we all have our own crazy stories that brought us to where we are now which is the spin I am putting on the show this year to see how it goes.

Yes, I do run a successful marketing business.  I create content for people.  I coach, I consult and I am an award-winning author.  I speak in public.  I am one helluva a guest on other podcast shows.

I live in Florida, I have two wonderful dogs and of course a great husband who I am very proud of for his work and ahhhh life.

Ahhhh life – let’s make that a hashtag #AhhhhLife