Less Than 5 – Networking and Email Newsletter Talk – Episode 00019

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Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments

Welcome to Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments


Less than 5 today is all about a networking idea I had at an event last evening and how I incorporated it into my email newsletter, ready?  Here I go:

  • I took a networking event to a new level for me
  • There was the usual business card exchange
  • I told everyone who gave me a card was told I would connect on LinkedIn
  • And they were told I was adding them to my email newsletter list
  • They can always unsubscribe
  • I sent a newsletter every other week
  • I do my newsletter through mail chimp and my open rate is about 20%
  • I have a small list so that’s a good number
  • I designed my blog to be my newsletter makes life easy-peasy
  • Get the card and connect with them immediately – remember the episode where I talked about taking notes?
  • No FB no Twitter – LinkedIn
  • Tell them you are going to put them on your email list
  • If that makes you uncomfortable, ask them

There you have it.  Speaking of email mine is carole@carolesanek.com and I do not automatically add you to my newsletter list.  Remember I am the gal who asks (or tells) first.

Come join us at The Padded Room our closed group on Facebook.

Have a networking event coming up, try these tips and then let us know how it worked for you.

Thanks so much – you are simply all the very best!!!!