Power Women Speak – Beate Chelette TCMLS: Episode 00070

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Author of Happy Woman Happy World, speaker, coach, and successful entrepreneur.

Author of Happy Woman Happy World, speaker, coach, and successful entrepreneur.



Power Women Speak – Beate Chelette is a powerful story filled with advice from a woman who has thrived after being in the red zone financially.  Chelette rose above this, turned her life around and now inspires and encourages others to do the same thing. She is the author of “Happy Woman, Happy World”  In this show you will learn the following:

  • How I found Beate Chelette
  • Carole with an “E”
  • There is a kindredness between us
  • We love being crAzy
  • Beate shares “everything is marketing”
  • Is it possible to be different at work then you are at home?
  • Myers-Briggs discussion
  • The Come to Jesus moment in Myers-Briggs for Beate Chelette
  • Why it is ok to own our mistakes
  • Yes this show was recorded in late 2015
  • It applies now
  • We talk about bullies
  • The shocker is women bully more and they seek out other women to bully
  • Hypocritical mothers
  • Horrible female bosses who rule in terror
  • Beate talks about “Scandal”
  • What would make you really happy right now is asked by Beate Chelette
  • A 5 year old can answer quickly
  • Women protect our positions in life which can lead to……
  • Why do women think they have to run for the school board instead of choosing a higher office example
  • The second half of our lives is better in many cases
  • Why do women think we have to be perfect all the time
  • Beate Chelette answers the question of how she went from being in serious debt to being “Happy Woman Happy World”
  • Beate shares her personal story
  • Carole shares her personal story
  • How we thrived
  • Bottom line talk – Beate shares the true bottom line, stop the excuses
  • Beate writes the White House
  • We talk about being victims or playing the victim role
  • Are you showing up for your life?
  • The art is to discover what the time is for you in your life.
  • Beate Chelette talks about scheduling and scheduling what’s important to you
  • Beate schedules herself off the calendar…..I do that now too.  On batch podcasting days I take no phone calls till I am done.
  • I open the doors to discussing Beate’s professional toolbox
  • I share what stood out to me in that toolbox
  • Carole talks about Mr Rogers TV show and why
  • We talk about Paris and the attacks there and the helpers
  • Beate is working with creative entrepreneurs now
  • Women’s Code for balanced leadership
  • Speaking engagements
  • Maybe another book – a career book
  • Again you want to read Beate’s book “Happy Woman Happy World”


You can reach me at carole@carolesanek.com I answer all emails

How to find more about Beate Chelette:

“Happy Woman Happy World” is available on amazon.com

There is a gift on http://beatechelette.com/beates-free-gift

2 free chapters of the book, report for finding out your ego-rhythm, complimentary sessions and more and believe me you want to check ALL this out.


This is my Myers-Briggs:

ENFJ – The Giver
Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging
Is this you?
 Influential, loyal, reliable, and genuinely kind
 Passionate and firm in your ideals and principles
 Highly intuitive and reflective
 Warm, caring, generous, and people-focused
 Extremely organized with difficulty dealing with uncertainties
 Good communicator