Meet Julie Austin, Inventor of Swiggies TCMLS: Episode 00069

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Successful entrepreneurs are everywhere I look and in the case of Julie Austin, I did not have to look far, she found me.  Julie is so many different things and has her fingers in a lot of pies but the “pie” we are talking about today is her invention, her successful invention and how it all came about.

Inventor, Innovator, Author, and so much more.

Inventor, Innovator, Author, and so much more.

  • Swiggies
  • Nasdaq product of the year
  • In many countries
  • Been all over TV with Swiggies
  • How Swiggies were invented
  • Ideas hit you and the importance of really thinking about it
  • How the Swiggie name came about
  • Why I think of them as a cute little plush animal
  • What kids do with Swiggies
  • An idea is born with stickers
  • Julie’s serendipity moment
  • What happened in Vegas did NOT stay in Vegas
  • Hash House Harriers – a drinking club with a running problem
  • Ideas come from other people too
  • Endless possibilities are talked about
  • Sold in the UK in the horse riding market – riders can wear them where else can they put a water bottle?
  • Let’s bling up a Swiggie
  • We talk about how long it took to get to market
  • No money makes it difficult
  • Made a prototype out of clay – making a prototype is very important
  • The idea in your head won’t work when trying to explain it
  • Make it real and it is easier to sell
  • Patent procedure
  • Julie took her product to news stations all over the country with her Beat the Heat stories
  • Why Fox news works well
  • What she does when people counterfeit her product
  • and are sites to monitor
  • Why trademarks are important
  • Julie is working on some new things but they are still top secret
  • “The Money Garden – How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income” is her book
  • is where to get her book
  • We talk about her sponsorship site where she fills a niche or a problem that exists
  • an innovative site where public speakers get paid by a sponsor
  • Carole gets stuck in this moment – Julie helps her out
  • New idea is born
  • Why she doesn’t do the big corporate sponsorships but it is a cool idea
  • Why she likes working with small businesses
  • History and inventions
  • Hip huggers and bell bottoms
  • Julie can turn you into an inventor
  • We talk about clay car prototypes
  • Burning art – Burning Man
  • I make Julie think
  • We talk $10,000 purses

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Thank you all so much for listening – there is a lot of good info in this show.