The New Crazy Marketing Lady Robyn Sayles TCMLS: Episode 00068

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We have a new crazy marketing lady and she is already hard at work with some great show ideas.

This is how we first met and recorded Robyn Sayles in my car:

We will podcast ANYWHERE.

We will podcast ANYWHERE.

Here are the stellar ideas we talk about in this intro show:

  • I punched Robyn within 5 mins of meeting her and why
  • When I asked her to be a crAzy lady she said yes immediately
  • She will add her own spin to the show
  • Catapult Creative Consulting is her business
  • Robyn is a Fascinate Certified Advisor
  • Left of center
  • Zigs when others are zagging
  • Why being authentic is magic
  • Side hustle
  • Inside out coaching
  • Target marketing

And of course so much more.

You can reach out to Robyn Sayles at:

Her website is

We thank you so much, we know Robyn Sayles is going to be an exciting addition to our show.

Don’t forget to join our closed group The Padded Room we want to grow a little and we want you to engage with us there.

You are going to love her shows.

You are going to love her shows.