Getting the Meeting TCMLS: Episode 00008

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Getting the Meeting

In this episode:

I’ll share with you two tips that I use when setting and keeping appointments with potential clients, referral partners or other key contacts.

It’s always wise to get into the practice of confirming your appointments so your contact is not embarrassed and you are not frustrated by your time lost. So,…

Tip #1 – Send a meeting reminder! Re-confirm your meetings in advance. Email is the standard, but you can also text or set an automatic reminder notice. When you confirm your meetings in advance, it shows that you are proactive and that you value time. It also avoids frustration of time lost and also embarrassment of no-shows.

Tip#2 – Until you hear no, its not a NO!

Don’t give up. Be persistent. Get a commitment or set a future date. If it’s a NO, then get that answer and move on so you can better use your time on other opportunities.

I’d love to hear from you. If you had a situation where you thought there was an opportunity lost, but it turned around in your favor then please share that. Send your comments and tips that you’ve found helpful in setting and keeping your appointments. I may use them in a future episode and mention you!!

References mentioned in this episode:

Rachel Revill of PerfecTiming Concierge – an exclusive personal concierge & errand service based in Tampa.

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