Sexy Romance with Kim Moore, Author TCMLS: Episode 00067

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Sexy romance, what a great title for a show especially near Valentine Day.  I was having lunch one day with a friend who suggested I talk to Kim Moore about her book, Now That’s Romantic.  I had to think about this at first because I do shows specifically for entreprenuers.  I reached out to Kim and learned she is an entrepreneur who just happened to write a book on being more creative with the romantic side of your life.  It is a beautiful book about sexy romance.  Kim is an authorpreneur and I am so happy to have her here.

Now That's Romantic

Now we will talk about why Kim wrote this sexy romance book and a whole lot more.

  • We just jump right in
  • We start with Biblical times
  • Creative ideas for special times
  • It’s all about the mood, not about the food chapter
  • Kim opens up about her issues as a new young bride
  • Yes, we do talk about the Bible and sexuality
  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Rhett and Scarlett
  • Kim gets personal about her marriage
  • As a result, Kim got creative
  • If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are average
  • We discuss the playfulness, the sweetness, and more Kim created in this book
  • What did Kim do before writing this book?
  • How hard was it to write a book?
  • Why it took years
  • Second book goes more into the Bible and the Song of Soloman
  • We talk about the pain in editing a book
  • Kim’s thoughts on having a wonderful Valentine Day
  • It’s more than music and lighting candles
  • Carole tells her Las Vegas working girl story
  • Baring our toes to the world
  • Kim shares her story about the Christmas party and there is a good lesson there

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New book comes out this summer, and Kim is available to speak at events.  Ask her about that.

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Remember we have a closed group on Facebook called The Padded Room come ask to join.

Thanks so much and believe me this IS a beautiful book written by a beautiful woman.

Kim Moore