Power Women Speak – Sandy Geroux TCMLS: Episode 00066

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Power Women Speak is a category I really enjoy because the women that get “dropped” into this category are powerful, they have powerful messages and they inspire.

This show is what I call “a little bit around the map” because we talk about many different things because Sandy Geroux has done many different things – successfully.

Power Women Speak and Sing

Power Women Speak and Sing

  • How we got together
  • The job she had where she had where the boss and his wife used intimidation in the workplace
  • Why what happens at the top goes to the bottom and flows out to the customer
  • One sentence changed her life
  • A change in careers lead her to her first six-figure income and helped her realize she liked training/speaking/coaching
  • Pet peeve- chasing people to get back to you
  • Carole’s rule for a happy office
  • Sandy tells the $2 million dollar story
  • Carole tells the Las Vegas story
  • The magic marker story
  • Sandy teached proactive and critical thinking
  • We discuss her books
  • The fear of failure and the fear of success
  • Why people need to learn to deal with the rules
  • The rules of a wow place
  • Business tips are shared
  • The importance of systems
  • What’s coming next for Sandy Geroux
  • and a lot more

There are so many ways to learn more about Sandy Geroux starting with her website:


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her books are on Amazon.com

and then there is Sandy singing and let me tell you she can sing beautifully:

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