Power Women Speak – LaFern Batie TCMLS: Episode 00065

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We recorded this show at the end of 2015 after meeting LaFern Batie at the Women’s Conference in the Fall.  LaFern was a speaker, let me state that again.  LaFern was A SPEAKER there and the minute she started talking Wendy McGinnis started to text me telling me we just HAD to have her on this show.  I couldn’t have agreed more so we damn near tackled LaFern as she walked out the door and she said yes.

Sadly this is Wendy McGinnis’ last show.  Wendy has taken a position in law enforcement and we are sad but happy for her so if you think I was hogging the microphone and the interview, not true.  It was during this interview that the phone call came in offering Wendy the position so she left the room to discuss her new future.

In this show we talk about so many different things.  LaFern shares many different thoughts and gives great advice to anyone starting out on their own, anyone who has a dream, anyone who wants to be their own boss, take a look at our show notes here and then ready? Set? Listen!

The Batie Group - Boutique Management Consulting

The Batie Group – Boutique Management Consulting

  • LaFern talks about how being entertaining is part of her nature
  • Youngest of 6 children and she started out as an accountant
  • At 17 years old she knew she wanted to own her own business
  • Her undergrad studies were in Physics and Engineering but did not appeal because no one laughed much
  • LaFern was hired as a manager/trainer for a trash company and can use heavy equipment
  • 1998 the concept of having her own business happened and in 2005 it happened
  • LaFern’s company, The Batie Group, is a Boutique Mgmt Consulting business
  • The company values are:  strategy, execution, effective leadership, experience
  • We ask if she ever turned a client down
  • Carole uses one of her favorite turn down warnings – the scent of a Diva – Diva Perfume
  • LaFern talks about keeping it “lean from the start”
  • If you curb your spending habits (for example-shoes) you have the money to say no to someone
  • How her company plans for the next year from 9/1-9/30 because this gives them time to “drop the bait”
  • Business plans and strategy plans are two different things
  • We ask for a crazy story and we got one and we were shocked
  • Another scent comes on the scene “Locker Room” perfume where even women drop curse words
  • LaFern shares her thoughts on this
  • LaFern says “always have someone on board who will tell you the truth.”
  • What does LaFern wear on the weekends (we asked because she IS a fashionista
  • What she does for fun
  • Where she has traveled
  • and more

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