The Ladies Talk Hockey-What the Puck? TCMLS: Episode 00061

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Thanks to Cherlyn Warner and her membership with AMA Tampa we were able to interview Eric Blankenship, VP of Marketing for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  In this episode you will learn so much about the world of the Lightning because it revolves around the community and helping the community within the Tampa Bay area.


VP of Marketing for the Tampa Bay Lightning

VP of Marketing for the Tampa Bay Lightning

  • There are one million Lightning fans in the Greater Tampa Bay area who love hockey
  • Hockey in FL?  Well yes as strange as it sounds it happens
  • Plans for the Amalie Arena and hockey
  • How transforming the brand has taken place (rebranding often works)
  • Working as a team
  • Authenticity
  • Future plans
  • Will Garth Brooks be rescheduling his concert that was cancelled because of the hockey playoffs (Carole wants to know)
  • How sports marketing is really no different than marketing period.
  • And so much more

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Tampa Bay Lightning