Power Women Speak – Laura Vanderkam TCMLS: Episode 00060

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Laura Vanderkam has quite the story to tell and share in her newest book.  While this is an interview I did last fall, I held it for release for the new year because I knew when I spoke with Laura Vanderkam that this would be a great kick off show with her new book.


I Know How She Does It

We talked about:

  • I Know How She Does It – Laura Vanderkam’s new book
  • Does the title sound familiar?
  • Over 100 women participated over 7 days
  • What was the surprise element of this study?
  • Are we over-deviced?
  • Laura tells us how she works.
  • Her journalism career
  • What would Laura be if she wasn’t a journalist – the answer surprised me

You can purchase Laura Vanderkam’s book at amazon.com in hardcover or Kindle editions

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Follow Laura at her blog on her website at http://lauravanderkam.com

Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam

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