Screw the Resolutions Make SMART Goals Instead TCMLS: Episode 00058

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Meet Tony Woodall – a man who wears tropical shirts well.  In this podcast we discuss a lot of things on goals but because this show is going live at the end of the year I thought it would be a great time to talk about the difference between resolutions and goals.  This is what we discuss (and more):

  • How and where we met
  • Tony’s backgroumnd
  • Why he podcasts about goals
  • What SMART goals are
  • Why New Years resolutions don’t work
  • The specific that are needed
  • Why you have to write your goals down
  • Why being specific is terrific
  • 3 keys of success
  • Tony’s favorite quote
  • Talking about the why
  • People who lose their why, lose their way – Gloria Hyatt (wife of Michael)
  • Vision boards
  • Rewarding yourself
  • Why visualization works
  • Why a positive mind set is important
  • Tony shares a personal story
  • Why telling like-minded people work well for support
  • How your subconscious works
  • The magic 30 minutes

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Thank you all so very very much – we have a stellar new year planned with great interviews and marketing tips and inspirations.