The Importance of Photography in Marketing TCMLS: Episode 00009

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Episode 9 takes you into the world of photography in marketing with Carole Sanek interviewing Wendy McGinnis “the appointed lady with The Crazy Ladies Marketing Show.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Wendy got into photography
  • Why Wendy is a natural
  • What her favorite camera is and her favorite lens
  • How professional photographers differ from people who take pictures
  • Lighting and editing
  • What is Wendy’s number one tip
  • Why your headshot should speak to what you do
  • How she grew her business
  • Wendy’s favorite things to “shoot”
  • Wendy’s favorite past times when not working
  • One more big tip

Links mentioned on the show:


Wendy will be back to give tips on photography in future shows because she knows and understands the importance of marketing with photography.

Thank you and please continue to tune in regularly.


Carole Sanek