Crazy Over Coffee TCMLS: Episode 00057

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Fun! FUN! fUn! On this episode we do girl chat but don’t let that stop you from listening because we pepper the entire episode/interview with good tips and pointers covering podcasting to entrepreneurs to Christmas to robots to CES Las Vegas to many many things as Dot Cannon and I chat away so this is what we covered in Crazy Over Coffee:

My friend always has a mic or a camera in her hands.

My friend always has a mic or a camera in her hands.

  • Dot’s career in radio
  • People she has interviewed
  • The equipment she uses
  • What I use
  • What Dot is working on now
  • The 13 year old she interviewed about his robot
  • Why Dot loves to go to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) every year in Las Vegas as a reporter
  • Why she doesn’t accept swag
  • Radio station WHER in Memphis
  • Carole’s award and how I won it
  • We talk Daniel J Lewis
  • Great podcasts have great content and add to someone’s day
  • We talk Christmas and being a Noelophile and what she posts there for Californians
  • 2 rabbits
  • Handsome husbands
  • What Dot is doing in 2016
  • What Carole is doing in 2016

You can listen to Dot’s podcast and learn more about her here:

Dot has many interesting interviews and podcasts to choose from so tune her in to your podcast list.

Remember we have a closed group on Facebook aptly named “The Padded Room” we invite you to come and join us there (you hav e to ask) and this is where conversation starts and ideas grow.

Thank you ALL so much and we should all get a little crazy over coffee in our lives.