Power Women Speak – Traci Bild TCMLS: Episode 00056

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Traci Bild - Get Your Girl Back

Traci Bild – Get Your Girl Back


In today’s show you will learn so much about Traci Bild and her book “Get Your Girl Back”.  Traci is a dynamic speaker and she can work a stage.


  • I asked Traci if she was having twinges that something was off before finding all the love letters she wrote to her husband.
  • Have you ever thought how much you (the listener) might have changed?
  • Traci talks about what she was then and where she was when she found the letters
  • Learn how I found my wonderful husband – I almost gave him away
  • Why this book is important to talk to our daughters and granddaughters about at a very early age
  • Traci gives an example of how her daughter lost part of her girl at age 11
  • We lose our girls because people tell us things and we believe them
  • Tell these girls what it is really like when we grow up
  • Why being realistic with our girls is so important
  • Teaching girls how to blend lives early in their years is so important
  • There are women who have not lost their girl but they are the exception
  • Why do we have guilt about having to be the person to cook clean etc. and why we need to choose helpers in our lives as spouses.
  • Thankfully girls do have different mentors now
  • Traci talks about her daughter actually working for her part time with a time card and a paycheck because her daughter wants to be an entrepreneur
  • We discuss helicopter parenting and no apologies we don’t approve
  • Traci believes in telling her daughter about her failures and the struggles to help her understand not everything Traci touches is magic.
  • Kids are capable and we need to let them use their minds
  • We chat a little about platitudes that people hand us
  • We talk about Get Your Boys Back
  • Why couples should read “Get Your Girl Back”
  • I discuss how I have become stronger since reading the book
  • It took 10 years to write this book
  • Why it’s difficult to write about your personal life when you are a private person
  • We talk about how many people Traci has helped
  • There are “Get Your Girl Back Groups” all over the country
  • My girl always wears lipstick and eyeliner and started at 16
  • I ask Traci if she was surprised by the reaction she got before she published
  • Everyone wants to write a book but Traci shares that you need to finish it
  • Her audio version has Traci in an emotional state and it is her favorite version of the book
  • I share how I like the brain game Traci shares in the book which I use ALL the time now
  • How the brain game works
  • You can test the limits of your own mind
  • Clickers and why they work
  • How revealing this book is and how I will change your life
  • #sorrynotsorry
  • Why we all need to do brain training
  • We give examples of how brain training has worked for both of us



Website for more information:  http://www.gygb.com

Book is on Amazon

Kindle and Audio

20% of proceeds go to www.womenforwomen.org


We give Amanda a big shout out – she is amazing and we wanted to tell her how important she is in this entire podcast.


We close with putting people in a bubble and why

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