Infomercial with Three of the Ladies TCMLS: Episode 00055

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Yes we have a trio of the ladies for you – it’s our infomercial with Angie, Carole and Wendy.  We are pulling back the curtain and talking about what we have planned for the rest of this year, heading into 2016 and introducing Angie Speller with the stellar ideas she has for episodes – we are here with boundless enthusiasm as you will hear as you listen.


Meet Angie, hear from Wendy and learn what Carole is up to these days.

Meet Angie, hear from Wendy and learn what Carole is up to these days.

First up is Angie:

  • Angie is with Enso Behavioral Healthcare
  • Angie is a licensed mental health care counselor
  • In her business she focuses on personal development and wellness
  • Learn Angie’s great idea focusing on Lost and Found
  • Her clients often talk about this
  • What is this?
  • How do I get back to me?
  • Angie wants to get you connected again
  • Wendy is on board, Carole talks about how many entrepreneurs feel this way
  • Angie loves our enthusiasm
  • Angie also wants to talk about family issues playing into and spilling over into lives starting with the holidays
  • Carole tells Angie how people are thrilled she has come on board

Wendy is up 2nd and is excited to have Angie on board.

  • What is Wendy up to
  • Elegant Exposures photography is growing like crazy
  • You will learn why she loves it
  • Month of November in Tampa she is donating to local charities with every family shoot she does
  • Wendy explains Story Glory Moments a new category on the show
  • Looking for people with a story – you have to have had something devastating happen that changed your life in a new exciting direction and you overcame it all
  • Wendy explains that she has no regrets
  • She loves being on the show – tells everyone how I appointed her to be a TCMLS lady
  • Carole admits she just told Wendy she is one of the hosts and it has been wonderful good choice Carole

Carole finishes up

  • We are finishing out the year with getting people ready for 2016
  • Shows are coming about being organized and setting goals
  • We have a business/office organizer Sue Becker
  • Traci Bild with Get Your Girl Back talks about her book
  • Sandy Geroux talks about customer service in a new show
  • LaFern Batie will be interviewed by Wendy and I
  • Beate Chelette coach and former high fashion photographer
  • Cherlyn is doing a marketing show
  • We had our Power Women Speak show with Joi Gordon
  • Carole asks Angie if she intends to do some interviews with Power Women and said Dr. Melissa Bailey who is #5 on Amazon with her breast cancer book, she is a psychologist.
  • Some older shows are going to go live
  • I have an former radio host coming on
  • Laura Vanderkam interview
  • Looks like we will do 2 shows per week
  • Angie thinks people need to listen to podcasts over the holidays
  • We talk about re-purposing podcasts
  • Wendy had huge numbers with her holiday photo podcast
  • We did a live show that still needs to be out there that Wendy did
  • We are always looking for ideas

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