Are You Stressed – Michael Parise Can Help You TCMLS: Episode 00054

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Are you stressed?  The answer is we all are and in this show you will learn about the levels of stress that Michael Parise, life coach, can help you with and it’s amazing.  I even pulled back the curtain on something that bothers me and I am in a better place now.

Stress anxiety, trauma are uppermost in people’s minds

Stress is not a bad thing by itself of course

Bad stress needs to be brought into control

Do you know about your amygdala?

Think of road rage, bad bosses, bad stressors

The biggest stressors we have are the old traumas, the unseen stressors

We remember everything the good, the bad and the ugly

Psychotherapy has great value and works best with people who are able to sort through things otherwise it can be an endless merry-go-round

Michael explains how somatic intuitive training cuts through and gets to the root of a problem

How Michael takes people back to the incident

This is a quiet process that doesn’t re-traumatize

He coaches people to replace the incident with a good memory with an anchor

This can be done in a group but is usually more effective one on one

Incidents can be reduced in a short time

Anxiety/OCD/eating/PTDS these work well

Divorce, death, illness, financial problems

Michael explains the anchors he gives people

Michael talks about intuition with me and how men and women are different

I share with Michael how I back off from being confrontational – when someone takes that posture with me

Michael gives me some advice and it’s amazing  – he treated me

Why this style of coaching can definitely help entrepreneurs

There is a lot of stress in starting a business and why this training can help

Why reducing stress gives you power

Find Michael:  you can call him at 781-324-2731 he is here in Tampa though is his email

Michael has given you great reasons to reach out to him so are you stressed well there is help.