Generate More Leads, More Customers, More Profits TCMLS: Episode 00006

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Introducing Rena Romano who is going to share with us tips to generate more leads, more customers, and more profits.   You will also learn about how you can grow your business without spending a dime, tips to speak effectively and grow your business and a host of other topics related to becoming a successful entrepreneur and why having a mentor is key.

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Meet Rena Romano:

  • Award winning speaker and a Certified Speaking and Leadership Coach.
  • Co-Author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller “World Class Speaking in Action”
  • Author of her Memoir “His Puppet No More”
  • She has also developed a proven 3 Step Formula to help you catapult your success in any economy.

Rena shared with us where she got started with public speaking:

  • Toastmasters
  • Passion for coaching
  • Personal experience with child abuse
  • Found her voice in writing

Success “metrics” to grow your business:

  • Passion to have a business and to teach people to speak
  • Have a coach to build your local market – Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce’s, Working Women of Tampa Bay
  • You have to market yourself – you can do a lot on a little
  • Networking Events – market yourself
  • Speak at Networking Events – focus on the education topic with an overlay to market your business and show your product.

Tip if you speak – Can I sell from the stage?

Biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make is that people try and sell, sell, sell.  You really need to have an informative and relative topic for the audience.  The focus is on your audience and how to help them.

Three Step Formula CD Series includes tips and everything you need to know to “speak effectively and grow your business

2 Audio CD’s + data CD with action worksheet

CD 1:  Where to go speak and target your market

CD 2: How to put your educational, informative and relevant presentation together

CD 3:  How to generate leads from the state without be “salesly”

Public Speaking…. Oh dear.  Tips to overcome this fear:

  • Visualize your audience – they are cheering you on.
  • Topic needs to be relevant and educational
  • You are the expert – you don’t need to be perfect but rather an effective speaker
  • Avoid caffeine

Darren LeCroy says “the audience wants you to be present not perfect”

Other tips to grow your business:

  • Use Skype to grow beyond your local market
  • This 3 step process works
  • Mentors
  • Business coaches

Listen as Rena ends with her “crazy” marketing tip

Always have your business cards

Ask for permission for opt-in’s to emails and newsletters

10 free speaking tips

Leadership tips from John Maxwell