Power Women Speak – Joi Gordon TCMLS: Episode 00053

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Power Women Speak – Joi Gordon – this is a great interview I am damn proud of it.  Thank you Joi Gordon and Dress for Success PS – she liked me!

Joi has the perfect name - she brings joy to women across the world.

Joi has the perfect name – she brings joy to women across the world.

Joi Gordon is the Chief Executive Officer Worldwide of Dress for Success.  Since joining the organization in 1999 and taking the helm in 2002, her primary goals have been to ensure that Dress for Success becomes recognized as a leader in promoting the economic and social development of disadvantaged women, and to expand the organization’s reach—-so that more and more women across the globe will have access to the resources and tools they need to excel in the workplace. The talk you can’t hear is all the laughing we did before recording – we had a blast. Joi Gordon is the CEO for Dress for Success Worldwide – this is huge 65000 women are helped worldwide every year 850000 women have been “suited” up Why we make “dress” into past tense You will learn who the dress of success woman is 142 cities have dress for success offices Offices look like a high-end boutique Suit, shoes, handbags, accessories, hair and makeup We dress her on the inside too Confidence and courage Staff volunteers help with everything including resume’s and more Power suit Mock interview Job search on line How to stay employed Climb the ladder Professional Woman’s Group started in NYC 1999 How to ask for a raise How to spend, how to save How to deal with people in the work place Workshops Some women have belonged for decades They change locations and move and join a PWG group in their new city Membership is for life, it is her connector Sisterhood Every woman regardless of circumstance walks through the same door 75% have retained their jobs after one year Moving women from poverty leads to less impoverished children 60% of PWG members have improved their credit 13 week curriculum We teach them how to not leave money on the table like a 401K program We want to give our women every opportunity for free so they can change their trajectory Dress for Success is more than just clothes Personal question Do you cry – of course is the answer She cries out of joy celebrating someone’s success I knew the answer was yes Everyone cries – and that is so amazing. 20 countries 142 cities and why Joi sees a piece of herself in every woman Learn what is on Joi’s wish list for Tampa Sizes of clothes Donations of suits Need size 12 and up And small sizes of 0 – 4 They need manpower More volunteers Money – they always need donations Internationally the same things are needed Same things are needed universally Time, Talent and Treasure We need men on board When women succeed you are helping the next generation Men can’t exist without their mom, sister, or wife so yes men are needed Go to the website and you can donate there Visit www.dressforsuccess.org to volunteer, to donate clothing and to donate money. You can contact me at carole@carolesanek.com with any questions or comments. This is without a doubt the finest interview I have done to date and I am damn proud of it.