Pulling Back the Curtain on Podcasting and More TCMLS: Episode 00052

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Pulling back the curtain on podcasting and more – today I have as my guest Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast and Daniel shares with us things he does when not podcasting and then we move over to his tips and tricks for producing a great podcast show. There is a lot to learn in this show and I had a lot of fun doing this interview.  I think Daniel did too. Here’s Daniel:



• How did we meet – well here the where and when
• You will learn everything Daniel does
• We are both crazy about what we do
• How podcasting helps you connect with an audience
• How long has Daniel been podcasting?
• Daniel has been doing public speaking since he was 12 years old
• Why going for perfection in podcasting will slow you down
• We discuss speaking voices as Daniel has a great speaking voice
• Why authenticity is extremely important in podcasting
• Daniel was home-schooled and was good at math, but did not like it, he states he was horrible at English and then became an editor
• Daniel the composer – he plays the piano, what has he composed?
• Why I call him by his full name
• What does he do when he is not podcasting? Movies, x-box (not the hardcore action games)with his wife Jenny
• Why learning about marriage is very important in life (yes we strayed a little but hang in there we come back to podcasting).
• I create a new work “newlier”
• Daniel likes to cook; it is part of his artistic side. He loves to stir-fry.
• Now we bring it back to podcasting
• Why should people podcast?
• Your voice speaks to authenticity
• Your confidence, your emotions are all there
• Passion
• Why you need to believe in your niche – every niche has an audience
• Engagement is THE important thing – small niche podcasts can work well
• Daniel’s thoughts on “Serial” becoming a TV series
• Podcasting as a launching pad for many great things
• Why it’s ok to make mistakes and laugh at yourself
• How do you get more reviews?
• Daniel’s advice is to ask people to share your podcasts – get your listeners to help you
• Ask people and make it easy – it’s hard to find a podcast in iTunes
• How to make your own forward slash iTunes link
• Daniel shares instructions on how to do this
• Free consulting here friends…….
• Thank people by name – when you get a review thank them in a podcast
• People like to hear their names in your podcast
• Where to put your gratefulness in your podcast
• Combine asking for a review and then thank people
• Share your reviews on social media
• I explain how I made changes to my podcast because what you start out with is not always what you end up with
• We talk about how to make a podcast better
• The 4 cornerstones of podcasting
• Content, Presentation, Production and Promotion
• The 5th one is monetization but not everyone wants that
• You may need to re-focus on all the cornerstones
• Daniel is self-taught and is an innovator in podcasting
• Daniel shares how to find him
• Everything is here: http://theaudacitytopodcast.com
• We have a last great laugh

Again you can find every which way to contact Daniel at the website link above, you can email me at:

carole@carolesanek.com with your ideas, questions etc and I will answer I promise

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