Professional Hand Model to Website Designer Mike Mueller TCMLS: Episode 00050

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As we start this episode off by sharing with you the Mike Mueller was a professional hand model we actually don’t talk about that part of his background because he has been so successful with his work in web design and social media.

Disclaimer:  Great show and we have an echo from time to time (sorry)


In this show you will learn:

  • Many tips on social media
  • Changes Mike has seen in social media with Facebook
  • Why Facebook sends Mark everywhere
  • How the FB rule changed the landscape of marketing
  • Now you pay for reach
  • Why I don’t work with people on Facebook as much now
  • Mike interviews Carole
  • There is a lot of time (now) doing research for Facebook marketing
  • Why if I do Facebook for someone it costs more for Facebook
  • How Mike connected with Cliff Ravenscraft
  • How Mike connected with Barbara Grassey
  • Why Mike uses and advocates using lists on Facebook
  • Mike loves Tour de France so he removes a friend from Facebook so he doesn’t see any spoilers
  • Special offer from Mike Mueller – mention Social Media Butterfly you get 20% off until October 17
  • New changes coming to Facebook
  • What is Mike’s favorite social media platform?
  • His thoughts are where your perfect client is.
  • Not a big fan of social media platforms when you can’t use lists.
  • Hootsuite and Sprout Social
  • Mike has a lot of Twitter personas
  • Mike has a t-shirt shop
  • Who is Bitter Grandma?
  • Social media is not marketing?  What does Mike think about that?
  • Advertising and why it’s needed
  • Email newsletters and blogging
  • Owning your own real estate versus renting (on social media platforms)
  • Remember if you have an issue on FB for example your question goes to a 3rd world country and you are at their mercy.
  • There is no 1-800-Facebook phone number
  • Google+ does call you back.
  • You have to own your own content
  • Mike builds websites
  • Mike isn’t crazy about “the daddy” as a host site and he charges more to put your website there because there are usually issues putting a website on “the daddy”
  • More time is more money
  • We talk about Mike’s blog
  • He has been blogging since the dark ages
  • 2001-ish Mike started using php software and it all became easier.
  • Mike is a WordPress developer (shhhh don’t tell anyone)
  • He is on the teaching team of WordPress – it is a volunteer position and he is very happy to be with them.
  • We discuss WordCamp
  • Concern about hackers and WordPress – it is ALL about passwords
  • WordPress 4.3 – wordpress Billie (as in Billie Holliday)
  • It is imperative to have a VERY STRONG PASSWORD
  • How hackers hack
  • Computer programs that actually run through the dictionary hoping to hit your password
  • Update your WordPress NOW people
  • Set up an access key – bots can’t get in
  • Double authorization can be used too have the platform send a text to your cell phone – the hacker can’t get in
  • It’s ok if your browser remembers your passwords
  • Carole sounds dumb but it’s all good when they talk captchas
  • Then we discuss landing pages
  • Running an ad you need to send it to a landing page (and there is an echo there sorry)
  • How to find Mike
  • Mike has his pricing right there
  • Why Mike has to do proposals and why Carole doesn’t do them


Again we apologize for the feedback echo it is a great show filled with beaucoup info.

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Thanks so much.



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