Turn Pull Shove Catch with Renee Dabbs TCMLS: Episode 00049

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When I first met Renee Dabbs I knew that interviewing her would take a turn from many of the things we usually talk about here on this show.  However, I also realized that what she would share needs to resonate nationally with women.  It is vitally important that we do understand the political process in our country, and while parts of this podcast are local to the Tampa area, I encourage you to listen.  Why?  At the very end Renee tells you how to contact her and start your own groups of understanding.

Renee Dabbs

  • We are the majority not a special interest group
  • The meanings behind Turn Pull Shove Catch
  • Why as women we need to engage
  • Why we need to ask each other and go for it
  • Why supporting each other is essential
  • The importance of stacking ideas you have with friends
  • Moving past being on the farm team politically and playing in the major leagues
  • Win or lose there is always a lesson
  • The difference between the white glove and the work glove
  • How every women can start a group like Renee has
  • Renee stresses the importance of starting groups and has a template to help you

Turn Pull Shove Catch – you can do this too.

You can reach Renee at reneedabbs@gmail.com

You absolutely should visit her symposium website: http://wewilltampabay.org/

You can reach me at carole@carolesanek.com

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