Robyn Sayles, The Super Powers of the Fascination Advantage Assessment TCMLS: Episode 00048

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TCMLS: Episode 00048 Robyn Sayles, The Super Powers of the Fascination Advantage Assessment


Before we get started on this amazing interview with Robyn Sayles, Wendy McGinnis sets the scene, you’re not gonna believe where this interview took place!

Now that the scene is set lets dig in deep and find out exactly what the Fascination Advantage Assessment is all about and how YOU can find out who you REALLY are!

Sharon also explains:

  • How she came up with the unique name for her business and why
  • What her business is all about and what her specialty is
  • How she can help the small business professionals and owners
  • What she believes the corporate world takes for granted and how she delivers what they don’t to the small business owners who deserve a higher level of training and education
  • What is the Fascination Advantage Assessment and how it can help YOU!
  • How you can find out what you are naturally built to do and why you do “it” well and on purpose, not on accident (Now you what to know what “it” is, don’t you)
  • Why she wanted to step out of the corporate world and become a business owner
  • She needed to stop doing her best work for other people
  • What she is planning to talk about at the 2015 Working Woman of Tampa Bay State Conference in Tampa, Florida
  • Why she believes we need to understand our advantages
  • What you can expect to get out of the Fascination Advantage Assessment and when you can expect to start implementing what you’ve gotten from the assessment
  • What the marketing and Branding applications are of Fascinate
  • Who Sally Hogshead is and what she means to her
  • What’s next for her business that will help you get from point A to Z
  • How she can help you no matter where you are located at
  • A crazy story that just happened to her a week before our podcast



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