6 Ways to Avoid Trade Show Burnout TCLMS: Episode 00004

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6 Ways to Avoid Trade Show/Vendor Burnout and make your event more productive

Are you spending several weekends in a row set up at community events with a vendor table? Do you travel to other cities and set up for trade shows? You may find yourself suffering from burnout. I want to share with you tips and tricks to re-energize and make your vendor experience more effective. The goal of these events is create exposure for the business or product. If you are dreading your next event, follow these tips, because if you don’t bring your “A” Game – why bother.

In This Episode You’ll Learn About:

The beginning

  1. Pack Mule Rules
  2. Don’t be “defeeted”
  3. BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)

The Mid-day Lull

  1. Change of Scene
  2. Get to know the neighbors
  3. Be a floater

Tear Down & Evaluate

  • Too much or not enough marketing materials
  • Too much or not enough promotional items or not the right ones
  • Interaction with attendees great or not so much
  • Ways to simplify future events

Visit my wordpress site and join in the conversation. What do you do to avoid vendor/conference burnout?


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