From Eye in the Sky to Metrics and ROI – A Video Marketing Podcast TCMLS: Episode 00047

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This podcast was recorded live from the August 20th AMA of Tampa Bay’s monthly event titled “From Eye in the Sky to Metrics and ROI – A Video Marketing Workshop.”  We added a slight twist to our title to incorporate “podcast” vs. “workshop.”

Cherlyn Warner interviewed 2 of the speakers:  Glenn Zimmerman of Mad Bear Productions and Rich Odato of Odato Marketing Group.  Both of our guests are experts to be talking all things related to Video Marketing.

During this very informative podcast, I can ensure you that you will learn a new thing or two about video marketing.  For example, did you know that video is emerging as one of the most effective content forms for B-to-B and B-to-C marketing?  A few additional teasers that you will learn about during this podcast include:

  • What video means related to “content is king.”
  • What is a video strategy, what is entailed and why do businesses need one?
  • How to be different in the video space and the incorporation of “video storytelling.”
  • YouTube and other video channels that are up and coming.  Is Facebook in the running?
  • What is content marketing and did you know that it has 38% effectiveness when developed correctly?
  • Perhaps a new term that will be fully explained “programatic marketing”
  • Amplification strategies – Organic vs. Paid

Without letting the cat out the bag, there are many more insights and “secrets” shared during this podcast and you will certainly hear how Glenn and Rich describe their “crazy” marketing side.


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