The Doctor Whisperer TCMLS: Episode 00045

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Sharon Fekete has a unique business and unique in her case, has created her success.

Sharon talks about:

  • How she came up with the unique name for her business
  • What her definition of a Doctor Whisperer is
  • The importance of branding your own business uniquely
  • Why naming your business after your name or location may not be wise
  • Her background and what led up to her becoming The Doctor Whisperer
  • One of the successful keys to running a business
  • What steps she took to open her unique business
  • The magnificent promotional project she headed up that got people talking
  • She nailed it!!! Sharon does what others are afraid to do because she wants her clients to standout, and that’s what it takes!
  • The ah-ha moments that helped her realize she could, and should, open her own business
  • The importance of accountability
  • The most important thing she feels doctors should understand
  • The importance of collaboration
  • The importance of investing in your business and what it says about you
  • Don’t be afraid to learn from the experts
  • A crazy concept one doctor did to standout with his clients that ended up branding him



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