Crowdfunding Time Keeper Web TV Series Next Epic Season TCMLS: Episode 00044

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Yes, I met with Daryn Murphy whose award-winning web TV series is about to film it’s 3rd season and Daryn decided he wanted to make Season 3 spectacular and epic so he is crowdfunding it through Indiegogo and even if his efforts have expired this is still a great interview to listen to because crowdfunding does work and it may be something you need to do in your career so give it a listen.

Daryn is serious about what he loves to do -

Daryn is serious about what he loves to do –

  • How Daryn and I met
  • Daryn is an independent film maker here in the Greater Tampa area
  • He attended USF here and studied film and photography
  • In 2011 he produced an award-winning science fiction web series called Time Keeper which has completed 2 seasons and 16 episodes
  • Daryn explains what crowdfunding is
  • It’s perfect for people who want to be a part of your journey
  • Tangible products work well
  • Bragging rights
  • Deadline for Daryn’s project is Monday Aug 17th
  • Crowdfunding fundraising party in St. Pete and how that can help make money
  • Daryn chose a fixed campaign if he doesn’t make the goal everyone gets a refund
  • Why Daryn wants Season 3 to be over-the-top in a web TV series
  • How I plan to help Daryn because I do Social Media for a living
  • Daryn’s profile picture on Facebook is from the IAWTV awards in Las Vegas
  • Daryn explains what Time Keeper is about and it is a fascinating series with an evolutionary plot line
  • Should his main character kill someone or should the entire world suffer a huge calamity in Season 1
  • Binge watch the series on or search the name adding the words “web series”
  • Streamnow TV and YouTube
  • Getting back to crowdfunding
  • Main site has the crowdfunding link or and search for Time Keeper
  • Facebook and Twitter with show name
  • Season 2 has 5 characters in the show and is filmed locally here in the Tampa Bay area
  • Reach out to Daryn through his website and can be reached there or on FB and Twitter he is the sole admin and will answer back.
  • The fundraiser is being held at Reno Downtown Joint 7PM August 13th
  • It is not a closed event if you buy the $10 ticket you get a free drink or cash at the door
  • Mitch Manners will be there – autographs given out
  • How press releases and social media need to be done when crowdfunding
  • Measuring people who watch a series – of course YouTube gives you numbers
  • Cross promote with others especially in a similar genre

Here are some great pictures about the show:


Time Keeper 2

Time Keeper 4

Here is how you find the show and more info:

More fun on the Facebook page and on Twitter

If you go to the website you will see so much more about how you can keep this great series going – act fast please.

You can always find me, Carole Sanek because my name is my brand and feel free to email me at