Lynette Young and I Talk Red Ruby Slippers and Women in Podcasting TCMLS: 00043

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Last April while attending New Media Expo in Las Vegas I had a chance to sit down and do a live interview with the wonderful Lynette Young.  We had a lot of fun wearing our headphones and hoping background noise from the convention floor would be minimal and here is what we spoke to each other about:

  • We had problems getting it all going, Lynette stepped on the power cord.
The Incredible Gorgeous Lynette

The Incredible Gorgeous Lynette

  • How we met and what is she doing these days.
  • Crazy talk
  • She came she saw she was awesome
  • 80’s girl who loves tech
  • Started podcasting in 2004
  • We talk about having chick meetups in podcasting
  • ShePodcasts had a meetup (I missed that one) at the bar no less
  • Why we need more women in podcasting how?  Just do it more.
  • Lynette talks straight “shut up and produce”
  • How Lynette is the girl behind the curtain
  • She prefers turning on a mike or a camera to writing
  • The Fierce Network
  • What it is
  • Doing more in the 2nd half of our lives
  • Why Housewives of New Jersey is not us
  • There is always something out there for all age groups – we can have bright pink hair
  • Do we have to cut our hair short as we age?
  • Danielle Smith and who she is and how they partnered
  • Lynette defines “New Media”
  • Owning your own real estate – like blogging and email newsletters
  • Or we can call it digital marketing
  • I admit I reported a person for having a company page as if he could have friends (sorry Bucko)
  • Own your own stuff, be the CEO of your life.

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As always we appreciate our listeners thank you very much and keep clicking those heels together.


Keep clicking them

Keep clicking them