How A Business Incubator Can Grow YOUR Small Business TCMLS: Episode 00042

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In this episode, you will learn about business incubators and how your small company can benefit from them.


A Business Incubator Program is a great way to grow small businesses.

A Business Incubator Program is a great way to grow small businesses.

is Krista Covey, Program Director of SMARTstart, a Business Incubator in Pasco County, Florida.

Krista shares how an incubator:
• Helps startup businesses vet an idea and validate a business idea
• Helps early stage companies or ‘baby businesses’
• Helps existing business that need assistance with growth

Incubators are a resources for small businesses that need:
• Office Space
• Conference room usage
• Classes
• Counseling
• Mentoring
• Marketing
• Operation support
• Coaching
• Peer Roundtable discussions
• One on one meeting (to set self-identified goals for accountability)

The program was created under the Pasco Economic Development Council with 3 main goals
1. Work with new business relocating or expanding into Pasco
2. Serve our existing businesses who are the major job creators
3. Serve – early stage startup companies

The program is part of a three prong approach to help small businesses. The other two other resources is Pasco Enterprise Network (PEN) and the microloan program. With PEN, business are able to get resources to help with early stage growth, often for free. With the microloan program, businesses are given an opportunity to secure a loan which would not have access to traditional financing.

About the SMARTstart Business Incubator in Pasco County, Florida:
There are two physical location in Dade City and New Port Richey, FL. SMARTstart is a program offered through the Pasco Economic Development Council in Pasco County, FL and many of the services are available to the general public. To learn more, please visit

Thank you to our special guest, Krista Covey.

Krista Covey
Economic Development Manager and Program Director of SMARTstart
727-478-0670 (New Port Richey, FL) or 352-437-4861 (Dade City, FL)
Contact Krista for an office tour or to schedule a meeting
Follow SMARTstart on Facebook.

Pasco Economic Development Council
SMARTstart Business Incubator
Pasco Enterprise Network

In conclusion, if you are small business contact your local incubator. Services are often free or low cost and there are many classes available to the general public. Incubators are a resource to help small businesses COLLABORATE with others, CONNECT with those who can help you effectively operate your business and GROW to create jobs in the community.

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