The Crazy Marketing Ladies Together Again TCMLS: Episode 00040

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We got together for a group meeting and did a crazy group podcast just to show how crazy we are – after all that’s the name of our show so here we go – let’s get crazy.  What is in this show?  Goofballs, craziness, silliness, women laughing, fun, you name it because we are the crazy marketing ladies show.

Let's all go crazy with marketing ideas.

Let’s all go crazy with marketing ideas.

  • Carole talks about how this is a show for both men and women.
  • Carole talks about the new timeline cover picture and the website picture
  • Carole talks about Bob Burg and his interview – best selling author
  • Wendy talks about the interview with Debbie Lane the hypnotist
  • Wendy talks about episode #38 and the hot sauce queen
  • Kellye shares how she feels about her networking episode and the fact that she is vertically challenged
  • Kellye gives more great advice about networking and standing out
  • Carole says Kellye is an instant pop up and why
  • Lynn shares that we need to do more group podcasts
  • Laughter
  • Kellye asks for audience sharing
  • An awesome Facebook page
  • Talking about The Padded Room and how it is a good place to talk marketing
  • What’s next – what’s coming down the line
  • IT Dude and Carole heading to Podcast Movement 15 in Texas
  • Lynn is juggling and squeaking
  • Lynn talks about vetting speakers for your events and Working Women of Tampa Bay and how successful they are at vetting people
  • Kellye plans to share about your image and making a good first impression
  • Wendy wants to know if you would tell someone they blew a booger on someone if you saw it happen — crazy huh?
  • Wendy is our marketing photographer and talks about bringing 2 podcasts per lady per month – we shall see
  • Cherlyn Warner – W Marketing on a cruise to Alaska so she is not here today being crazy
  • Mignon Fogarty The Grammar Girl has agreed to do our show as has Cynthia Sanchez from Pinterest
  • Wendy was a SWAT team member – she prefers shooting people with her camera
  • We all left salaried professions to be entrepreneurs
  • And no one dropped any bad words
  • Group shows are fun
  • Why did Lynn think our name was really not appropriate at first
  • Darn it Carole asked for an iTunes review