Meet the Social Butterfly – Carole Sanek TCMLS: Episode 00002

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Meet the Social Butterfly – Carole Sanek – this show will give you insight into how Carole became a thought leader in social media marketing from her beginnings as an RN to her passion for writing and blogging.

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How did Carole choose her business name?

  • Carole shares how her daughter is a professional photographer of butterflies
  • Bought the domain
  • Registered the company as an LLC
  • Grew wings

What was Carole before she grew wings?

  • RN in intensive nursing at county hospital
  • Explains how being an RN is about selling
  • Moving on in life to medical sales, capital equipment

Why and how did social media become her career?

  • The answer is real estate
  • How real estate trained her in social media
  • Blogging became her vehicle
  • Wrote for an attorney, a pest control company, in breast cancer, for organizations, for a food truck, has written guest blogs for other people.
  • There will be podcast shows on blogging

Why social media is so important today?

  • The importance of blogging in social media
  • You own the real estate
  • You control the real estate of a blog
  • Why self-hosting is vitally important
  • How Carole never gets writers block
  • 70 tips for avoiding writers block in a future podcast

How long has Carole been in business and how did she grow her business:

  • 4 years
  • networking
  • passing out flyers
  • attending conferences

Facebook talk:

  • What happened to people seeing all my posts
  • Advertising
  • Past clients and the fun
  • Saying no to certain businesses

What Social Media Platform works best for her?

  • Blogging
  • Twitter and why
  • FB is family barbecue
  • Twitter is chain restaurants
  • LinkedIn and G+ are fine dining
  • Blogging is the top of the Eiffel Tower Jules Verne restaurant

Charity requests and how she handles them:

  • Picky/choosy
  • Guidelines

Offtime fun:

  • Wine
  • Travel
  • Dogs
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Books will be written