Hot-Hot-Hot Tips From a National Award Winning Business Sensation! TCMLS: Episode 00038

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It’s getting Hot in here!


Hot Women

Michele Northrup has one of the most unique HOT products ever released! Listen in to find out what it is and how you can get yours for only $5. You’ll be the talk of the party! Ready for the hot tips?  And don’t forget the coupon offer at the end of these show notes.


Michele also explains:

  • How she came up with the unique name for her business
  • The importance of an all-natural product
  • The unique ingredient she uses to infuse her products, you’re going to be surprised
  • Marketing tips that helped get her business off the ground with a very little budget
  • How she created her fan base, she believes it will work for you too
  • How she branded her products
  • How she got her products onto shelves in many stores
  • The challenges she faced and still faces
  • The awards she has won, she’s just amazing!
  • How she landed on Yahoo News
  • Using unique angles that competitors don’t have; her key to her name recognition
  • A great way to create a buzz
  • A crazy on air experience with a newscaster that busted her business

What a fun episode filled with hot tips.







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