Talking Directly to You About Direct Sales TCMLS: Episode 00036

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Today we started something brand spanking new.  We added guest podcast hosts and talking to you today about direct sales is Alice Pirola, a woman who has been in the business of direct sales for 24 years and has the car to show for it.

Direct sales advice from the Diva with 24 years of experience in it.

Direct sales advice from the Diva with 24 years of experience in it.

Alice is going to share so much here, ready?

  • First guest podcaster
  • Talk about direct sales
  • People want to do business with friends
  • You must be worthy and trustworthy
  • If people are attracted to you the more connections you will make
  • Circle of influence
  • Build relationships
  • Network anywhere and everywhere you can
  • You never know where a connection will lead
  • Not all your leads are good and valuable
  • How many people have you met in your lifetime
  • Think of this entire list
  • This is your starting ground
  • Do for your connections – make it about them
  • You must follow through
  • Provide value
  • Every moment is a time for connections if in direct sales
  • Be prepared, carry your samples if you have them
  • Advice on asking for people to jump in
  • The baseball diamond theory
  • Networking thoughts
  • 10 hours a month of selective networking
  • Key steps in networking
  • Be aware of turn around in direct sales
  • It is not for everyone
  • Keep the personal out of the business
  • Stock your pond with new fish all the time
  • Know your organization from top to bottom
  • Direct sales is not magical it’s mathematical
  • Reap what you can and sow seeds all the time

Thanks to Alice Pirola who has been a direct sales superstar with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 24 years.

Thank you ALL so much please share this show if you or you know someone in direct sales.




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