Introducing the Crazy Marketing Ladies TCMLS: Episode 00001

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Introducing the Crazy Marketing Ladies- all 5 of them and be ready to share the laughter and fun as they bring you their first podcast show and reveal (no puns intended) some of their craziest moments.  You will learn about medical practice marketing, full-scale marketing, network marketing, social media marketing and photography and photographic marketing  strategies.

Links mentioned in the show and to the ladies:

Meet Lynn VanMeter first:

  • CEO/Owner Fiddlehead Marketing an offline marketing company
  • Focus is on Medical Practice Marketing
  • Growth strategied/growing a phycisian’s brand
  • Face to Face relationship marketing
  • Go Big or Go Home marketing
  • Recommended books:

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

How Full is your Bucket – Tom Rath

Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh

The Art of Friendship: 70 Simple Rules for Making Meaningful Connections – Roger Horchow

The craziest thing Lynn has done in marketing is wearing a cow costume and you will learn why.

Next Meet Kellye Dash:

  • CEO/Owner of The Busy Buddy
  • Business support services/back office for small companies
  • Assists companies that are short on staff, short on time, short on resources
  • Understands the importance of networking
  • Likes helping people
  • Started in IT account management in her earlier career
  • Started The Busy Buddy in 2009
  • Like to get things done
  • It’s about marketing yourself, selling yourself and being of value
  • Email marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Social Media

Kellye can be found on all the social media platforms and to learn more about her visit her website listed above.

Now meet Cherlyn Warner

  • Owner of WMarketing Services a full scale marketing business
  • Specializes in senior and retirement living
  • 20 years experience
  • Marketing background includes Sprint, Hallmark, DHL and Kaplan University
  • Passion for working in the senior/retirement market

Craziest thing?  Cherlyn is a Polynesian dancer and did luaus at retirement communities.  She knows you can use your imagination and picture that.

Our 4th Lady is Wendy McGinnis:

  • Owner of Elegant Exposures Inc.
  • Photographer
  • In the past was a mermaid at Weeki Wachee Springs
  • Featured in an HBO movie “Off and Running”
  • Hooter’s girl
  • Rode horses in the Dixie Stampede
  • Then became a Sheriff’s Deputy and only female SWAT member
  • Left law enforcement shortly after getting her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Passion is glamour and boudoir photography

Wendy flashes people, shoots people and then hangs them on a wall!

Last but not Least Carole Sanek:

  • No hula dance, never a mermaid but was in a wet t-shirt contest in San Diego
  • CEO/Owner of Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC
  • Content creator, freelance writer, public speaker, successful social media thought leader
  • Wheel of Fortune contestant
  • Former RN, medical sales, wound care sales
  • Licensed Realtor
  • Blogger for 9 years
  • Won 2 awards for blogging
  • Never has writer’s block
  • Writes content for clients as well as blogs for clients
  • Attends many conferences on social media and content creation
  • Heard about podcasting and wanted to do one that was different – created a group
  • Lynn – because she has worked with Lynn in the past
  • Kellye – because she knows no strangers and is a true busy buddy.
  • Cherlyn – because she was impressed when she met her
  • Wendy – had no choice she was just told she is a TCMLS

Listen as they end the podcast with the following individual questions:

Kellye answers what is the secret of your success.

Cherlyn answers what is the best advice you ever received.

Wendy answers what is the most helpful or productive conference you ever attended.

Carole answers who is your mentor.

Lynn answers what is your greatest asset.