Going Retro on Facebook TCMLS: Episode 00034

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This show is all about going retro on Facebook meaning let’s remember what worked before all the changes because those techniques still work.  People asked for new advice I went retro.

Ready for the tips?

FB keeps making changes but old things still work.

FB is the best way to connect with a large audience – still.

  • Posting right things at the right time.
  • Posts between 100-250 characters in length are what Facebook recommends.
  • “See More” posts don’t work.
  • Use top of mind topics – positive topics.
  • Use emotional touch times (holidays)
  • Keywords unique to your brand.
  • Irate fans/haters
  • Don’t delete post – respond first.
  • Take it private.
  • Ask them to take post down, or you might have to take it down.
  • Banning people from your page
  • Updates how many per day?
  • Over-posting clogs up newsfeeds
  • 2-3 posts is what I use with my pages and client pages.
  • Test with Facebook insights.
  • What should never be posted on a page
  • Tracking effectiveness on insights
  • Increasing engagement
  • Timing/length/punctuation
  • Share content outside normal business hours
  • MTW are not good days neither is Sat.
  • Th and Friday are great days.
  • Varies by industry.
  • Words that work/words that don’t work.
  • Personal profile no-no posting
  • Security talk
  • 11 pointers of what not to share on Facebook
  • Deleted photos stay on Facebook for an unspecified period of time – did you know that.
  • Will Facebook become an Edsel?

    Will Facebook become an Edsel?

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