Amazing Power Words for Your Headlines TCMLS: Episode 00033

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Today’s episode is all about using amazing power words for your headlines so your blogs and email get opened.  That’s what we all want right?  Keep in mind some people just look at our headlines and move on, it’s all good, they are in the minority.

Get the power in this podcast.

Get the power in this podcast.

Headlines that get your work opened need the right words.

Writers need a treasure chest of words.

Some words move people more than others, some power words are ordinary every day words.  Use them correctly they become super-powerful.

  1. The first word is YOU.  Think about it – it’s always about you, you, you.
  2. The next word is secret don’t use with sauce.
  3. Free is next – use only when it makes sense.
  4. Facts is next – not fax. Combine with numbers.  Make sure your facts are factual. List blogs.
  5. Instantly – we want things yesterday.  Instant gratification flips the switch on mid-brain activity.
  6. How to – 2 words they work like a charm.  How to videos are everywhere.
  7. Super power word is new.  We all want what’s new.  Mid-brains are lighting up.
  8. Last super power word is video.  Think about it-the only (fill in the blank) video is what you need to watch today.

Stirring more interest – every headline is a promise.  You have to deliver.

Don’t use big words, irony can fail.

How many words?

One word headlines.

Examples given.

Shameless plug of husband’s podcast.

Paint a picture.

Pop culture is a good way to get articles opened.  Example:  Mad Men

Have you ever asked a direct question in a headline.

One more power word – amazing. (my email) (my website)

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