Boosting Your Online Presence TCMLS: Episode 00031

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Giving it a boost.

Giving it a boost.



This show is all about boosting your online presence with some tips from Carole Sanek, owner of The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC and starts with why you need to first understand the importance of your online presence.

So many people believe if “it”is on the internet “it” is true,

Let’s talk about that!

  • Entrepreneurs need to truly understand how to use an online presence the right way.
  • There are common mistakes all of us make or all of us have made.
  • You want to be remembered and you want to be found.
  • Most people are resistant to marketing.
  • Do NOT sell – don’t get online and start selling from the get go.
  • Start with a plan, a goal.
  • Analyze your business and pick the right platform – not all businesses belong or do well on Facebook.
  • Get a social media audit.  We do them for potential clients.
  • Complete your profile-this goes to authenticity.
  • Be transparent.  Give people a way to reach you.
  • Have to be consistent.
  • Same profile picture, same header picture across the board on all platforms.
  • Do NOT spam.
  • Do not just post to post.
  • Use correct grammar NO text talk.
  • Don’t give up too soon it takes time.
  • Value feedback and respond.
  • Getting personal – Amy Porterfield taught us a class at NMX one year and talked about pulling back the curtain.  You don’t have to share your deepest personal issues and shouldn’t.  However you can bring something onto your business page that will get people to respond.  I talk about my dog and her skin issues.  I get people responding – we all want engagement this is a great way to get it.
  • Connect with other businesses.
  • New category coming soon to our show – Story Glory Moments is the name where entrepreneurs will share the story that changed their life and turned them into a new direction.
  • Also we have a closed group on Facebook called The Padded Room come join us there. is my website is my Facebook page is my email

Thank you all so much!!!