Falling in Love with Twitter Lists TCMLS: Episode 00030

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We will be flying high into Twitter success.

We will be flying high into Twitter success.

Today’s show is Part 3 How to Use Twitter Lists for Business – I changed the title because it’s boring right?

In this show we talk about how to use lists more effectively.  When you listen you learn how to create lists. Ready for 8 ways to use Twitter lists for business.  Do you want to make more money?  Get more clients?  Twitter takes work.

  • Monitor competition – what a great idea for your first list (you can spy) keep that list private
  • Connect with industry leaders – WOWZA
  • Trending list – oh yes what the heck is happening in the world
  • Engage with employees – you can Tweet between each other how cool is that?
  • Create a list for events – Hello what a novel idea! Think about those who can’t attend.
  • Use a list to maintain customer relationships.
  • Follow bloggers – another WOWZA create a list with people who write about your industry including reporters
  • Reward your biggest fans with a list – share the love here, use it to give positive reinforcement

In conclusion Twitter is where it is at……you need to organize.  You need to work it.  Well kept lists are a permanent filter for all your points of interest.  There are so many reasons to create lists on Twitter.  Use them.  More business, more money.



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