Helping You Leverage Your Leadership Power in the 3D World TCMLS: Episode 00029

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TCMLS: Episode 00029

Loren O. Murfield, Ph.D.

Helping You Leverage Your Leadership Power in the 3D World

Visionary Facilitator * Speaker  * Author  * Biographer

Home of PWR University and the 90 Minute Opportunity Challenge

Transform Your Thinking *Seize Your Opportunities *  Unleash the Ultimate


In this episode we learn about the challenges one man faces as he came to find out just how strong of a person he really was talks about and what drove him to becoming so successful.

Dr. Loran Murfield shares his story of success and gives us some really good tips on how to push through what seems to be the impossible to make your dreams a reality.

We also discuss:

  • How he made that first big of a step and how you can make that first big step
  • The drive it takes to get through college
  • How he overcame self-doubt
  • Wow, that feeling of accomplishment!! He explains how it felt to earn his title and become a professor for the first time
  • Dr. Murfield wrote 8 books in one year, he explains how and what he writes about
  • What’s next for Dr. Loran Murfield
  • As an Executive Coach he explains how he helps others and what he is truly passionate about
  • What it is that he wants to be known for
  • Did you know… We learn about a once in a lifetime crazy opportunity that Dr. Loran Murfield experience while finishing up college


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484-410-8151 cell