Kickstarter Success by Author Krayl Funch TCMLS: Episode 00028

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Hi first and foremost we want all listeners to know we recorded this show in a building with an echo – and we apologize for that, but the interview is THAT good and Kickstarter is THAT good so please forget the echo and go with the great show and what you will learn – xoxoxo Carole


Publishing with Kickstarter by Author Krayl Funch

Do you want to put your passion into print? Are you daunted by details deadlines and funding?

Lynn Van Meter interview’s Krayl Funch, author of An Appealing Plan. Krayl is a lifestyle consultant, event planner and creator of beautiful container design. Her seasonal living and entertaining pieces have appeared in Tampa Bay METRO Magazine, ABC News, eHow, Tableware Today, HFN, BUCKS Life Magazine, The St Petersburg Times, and her own YouTube Channel.

In This Episode you’ll Learn About:

  • How to use kickstarter to realize your dream
  • Why it’s important to make every day a celebration
  • Why face to face marketing really matters


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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