The Branding Bombshell TCMLS: Episode 00027

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Cheryl Pullins, Professional Brand Purveyor – Storytelling Bombshell

Cheryl gives us some must-hear tips on Branding.

Cheryl talks about:

  • Her background and how she was shifted from her corporate America background to an entrepreneur
  • Why she went from the comfort of a steady paycheck to no income at all in the beginning, the chances she took
  • The challenges she faced as an up and coming entrepreneur
  • How she picked herself up from her lowest point in her life
  • Her global message for women all over the world
  • How she empowers women so they can live the life they’ve always wanted to live
  • How she digs into her clients to get to the root of their branding issues
  • How she navigates her clients through their challenges
  • The marketing strategies that she learned when starting her own business that can help others get ahead of the game
  • Her top strategies she currently uses to market her products and services
  • What exciting new things Cheryl is working on with a little sneak peek
  • The free gift she offers
  • She encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone to pursue what we truly desire
  • Why we need to STOP MAKE EXCUSES!!!!