Hot tips from a professional LOVE Coach TCMLS: Episode 00026

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Adriana Eissa, Professional Life and Love Coach

Having relationship troubles and want some advice? We know someone that can help you with that! Adriana Eissa is a professional relationship “Love” coach and has offered some awesome hot tips on healthy relationships. Oh, and of course she is going to be talking to us about how she has become successful with her business!

Adriana talks about :

  • What a Happy Love Coach is
  • How she continues to gain more and more clientele
  • How she gets heard
  • What happens when you follow your dreams and your passion
  • What sets her apart from other Life Coaches
  • Why women are so different from men
  • Why networking is such a powerful tool for growing your business
  • Some great networking groups
  • It’s okay to ask for help
  • Advice for attending a networking event and walking into a room full of complete strangers
  • How to be the first to break the ice
  • She reveals her Super power
  • Ahhhh, now time for some advice on relationship troubles like…. Blended families
  • The 3 most important ingredients for a healthy relationship and family
  • The difference between a counselor and a life/love coach
  • And of course, Adriana shares a crazy moment with one of her clients