Part 2 of Twitter Success for Business and Marketing TCMLS: Episode 00025

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Twitter is not the big scary blue bird so many people think it is and while this picture paints it as an overstuffed blue dude I can help you pull the stuffing out of this fellow and help you soar into Twitter success for business and marketing.

We will be flying high into Twitter success.

We will be flying high into Twitter success.

In this show are tips on:

  • Twitter lists in business and the effectiveness of using lists
  • Separate lists and the importance of keeping them separate
  • You can put people on a list who do not follow you and you can watch them and retweet what they say making you look wonderful
  • Putting people on a list creates a separate Twitter timeline
  • Why public?  Why private?  There are good reasons.  Do you know why?
  • How to look at others lists, how to add people to a list.
  • Expanding your audience with hashtags
  • Why you want to use hashtags
  • Examples
  • #CrazyMktgLadies
  • Hashtags on FB are not as effective
  • How many per tweet?
  • Click on a hashtag in a Tweet.  You will be amazed to see who else is using that hashtag.
  • How conferences use hashtags and how this helps you connect with people who will be attending.
  • Cross-connection tip
  • Unique hashtags to your business
  • Pinpointing local customers
  • Twitter is great for focusing on people in your area
  • Using Twitter Advanced Search
  • Future shows will include Twitter Lists – my next show
  • @carolesanek
  • FB page
  • The Padded Room closed group on Facebook come join