Tips for Marketing in Politics TCMLS: Episode 00024

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Marketing in Politics with Shirley AndersonShirley Anderson, Hernando County Supervisor of Elections

If you’re thinking about running for a political position, Shirley gives our listeners some great tips for marketing in politics.

Shirley talks about :

  • Her grassroots and her long history of being involved in political campaigning
  • Her history with Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite and Congressman Richard Nugent
  • Plans for the upcoming 2016 election
  • How she plans to brand the 2016 election in Hernando County, Florida
  • What she’d doing to educate citizens about the importance of voting
  • What’s in the works to get more voters
  • What new since she took over as the Supervisor of Election
  • How she creativity implements voting for elementary students
  • How important of political marketing
  • The importance of a positive support system
  • “Step up to the plate and take a swing”
  • The craziest factor about being the Supervisor of Elections
  • Adopt a precinct