360 Approach to Networking TCMLS: Episode 00023

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networking image for podcast 23As a new entrepreneur, I’ve learned many things about being a small business owner, however, if I had to sum it up based on “one thing” that has worked well for me, it would be networking. In essence, networking has been the foundation to building relationships and securing business opportunities.  During this podcast, a 360 approach to networking is discussed with tips from start to finish in terms of how to use networking to your benefit.

5 tips are discussed so that you will be more targeted, efficient and successful in networking from soup to nuts.  As time is money, this podcast is short, sweet and to the point just like your 30 second elevator pitch should be.  More on that during this podcast.

1. Do your homework.  Use the Internet and community resources to find a list of all the networking events in your city or MSA.

2.  Do your research.  Have a list of organizations that are of interest to you.  View websites and social media pages.

3.  Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.  Use your calendar and pick 2-3 events that meet your criteria and schedule on your calendar immediately.

4.  At the event.  Arrive on time or even a little early and have plenty of business cards.  Do you have a name badge?

5.  After the event.  Continue to build relationships ether via email or use social media to connect.  Immediate follow up is key.

Networking needs to be viewed as a two-way process.  It’s not all about YOU but it’s about “how can we help each other.”

Networking should be fun!

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