Best Practices for Designing a Killer Website TCMLS: Episode 00022

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Website Design Image for podcast 22In today’s hectic world, if your company is not online and can’t be found online, its pretty fair to assume that it’s going to be hard for your business to grow both domestically and internationally. As the topic of good web design is a “hot topic” these days, during this podcast, ideas are offered to simplify the process for you and highlight what really is important to develop a “killer website.”

This podcast will discuss what it means to have “good web design” and how you can create a site that makes visitors want to click around, search your site and even bookmark for future use and of course return visits.  All information shared is an easy to understand manner…. in case you aren’t a web developer.

5 Best Practices are discussed:

  • Have a compelling layout design – basic design principles are discussed such as:  consistent headers, logo, navigation, contrast, alignment and balance
  • Have effective “balanced” use of color, graphics and multimedia – what “not to do” is discussed such as overuse of color and having to many interactive features
  • Content is King.  But it must be well organized content – tips related to the fonts you use, categorizing content and minimizing links are discussed
  • Have clear and easy navigation – good navigation and bad navigation topics are discussed
  • Your site must have good use of functionality – internal and external hyperlinks must work and there can not be any JavaScript errors

Designing either a new website or giving your current site a face lift is a skill and must be set up both on the user facing end and back end correctly in order for the site experience to be seamless to the user and the search engines.  We hope you enjoy this educational, detailed podcast that will give you key tips to put into practice when developing your killer website.

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