THIS IS US: The TCMLS Retirement Show

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THIS IS US: Wendy, Kellye and I put together one last show filled with thoughts, memories, and what we are doing now.  This is us.  And as I always say “Get ready, get set, Listen!!!!!”

Podcasting in a Truck, why not we have done shows from a car too.

  • We started with 5, and closed out with a reunion show of 3.
  • This is Us.
  • Wendy talks first.
  • Wendy left to go back into law enforcement then she joined her husband in “Serve and Protect Financial” which is a very successful financial co.
  • Wendy moved to Pinellas County (St. Pete and Clearwater area).
  • We all have stories from our pasts that propelled us into the future.
  • Wendy is thriving
  • I shamelessly plug my FB Live on Tuesdays at 730EDT
  • The first episode we did was at my kitchen counter on my iPhone 6+ and my Brando mic.  Still sounds good.
  • We were in Wendy’s truck for this recording.
  • Kellye is now in IT and loving it.  She was an entrepreneur but family comes first and she went back to work.
  • I talked about the interview that stands out as a dud sorry Tampa Bay Lightning.
  • I am heading to a new podcast “They Dig Deeper”
  • It is about heroes in a sense, it is really about people who do things basically without thinking.
  • I will start with interviewing people in religion, philosophy, psychology, and science before heading into guest interviews with those who do great things.
  • What makes these people who do wonderful things different.
  • Now I have to edit again.
  • This podcast slowed when Larry had open heart surgery.
  • I talk about Johnny Gwin – love you Johnny.
  • Kellye talks about what podcasts she listens to.
  • We disagree with people speeding up the podcasts – the hurry up generation.
  • I talk about some future guests.
  • We talk about entrepreneurship starting with Kellye
  • The rewards can be found outside your comfort zone.
  • We talk about what you should not do as an entrepreneur – take our advice.
  • Pick a niche.
  • Why I switched out my career from social media management to writing for people for the most part.
  • Know your worth – figure it out.
  • This is us, you get us as we are – crazy marketing ladies.
  • I admit I cried.
  • My editor cried.
  • It’s hard to say goodbye.
  • The show will still be available promise.

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