Possible Trends on Social Media 2018 – TCMLS: Episode 00266

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Yes, today I am sharing my ideas of possible trends on social media for 2018.

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Let’s get rocking on 2018.


  • We had a terrible beginning to the new year here in Florida, a hard freeze.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah people up north are tired of hearing us complain about cold weather
  • My healing garden looks like it was nuked.
  • The annuals are gone of course, the Florida friendly plants hopefully will come back but for 2 more months we will have a dead looking yard.
  • Facebook is going to have more issues.
  • In fact other networks are not making us happy.
  • Who else is tired of ads.
  • Cat videos – gone.
  • Remember “Charlie bit my finger?” on YouTube?
  • Video is changing on YouTube
  • Snapchat is making changes (and I don’t care).
  • AI will grow
  • FB dumped the idea
  • It will come back
  • CES is all about AI
  • Robots are all over the place
  • Hopefully social media algorithms will become more ethical
  • Fake and biased news needs to be addressed using human filters
  • Then there is the news – the depressing news
  • I admit I am tired of FB
  • Shopping is going to show up more on social media.
  • Sites need to improve their buy buttons.
  • I have gone back to holding classes
  • I put out a questionairre people want LinkedIn
  • They eclipsed the 500 Million people mark in 2017
  • Microsoft has certainly improved the platform
  • LinkedIn did not have fake news or not a lot of it
  • #My3Words
  • Heart,Map,Win
  • Today I worked on Map
  • For the first time ever I have had to put client work into specific time slots.
  • If they don’t send me what I need I have to move them and I don’t have a lot of time slots.
  • Clients will lose a week if they don’t do what they are asked to do.
  • I am writing more.
  • I am applying to write for companies.
  • I have a client who has never used social media – can you imagine?
  • I talk respect
  • My Win word is for losing weight and better health
  • I discuss a great doctor I have – who knows I do skip around

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