2018 is Loading – Episode 00264

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Yes, 2018 is loading and where are you with your business plan? I started in September.


Are you ready?

  • I talk about my membership site which is found at carolesanek.com
  • It is still being developed but people are joining
  • I explain what it is all about.
  • The pricing is there.
  • I am starting my new podcast soon.
  • “Stories from Many Hearts” an inspiring show that will align with Working Women World
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ME.  My service mark/trademark arrived.
  • It took 45 weeks.
  • $225.
  • I did not hire an atty.
  • I am darn proud of me.
  • I talk about all I did to get it.
  • I am framing it.
  • I had offers to do it for me for $10K no thanks
  • Here is my logo:

Working Women World

  • I put my money back into my business.
  • I talk conferences.
  • I am attending these conferences in 2018
  • NAB in Las Vegas in April
  • Podcast Movement 18 in Philly in July
  • Florida Realtors in Orlando because many of my clients are in real estate.
  • FinCon in September in Orlando – many podcasters attend this.
  • November is DC Podfest – giving Jennifer Crawford a shout out here
  • WordCampUS in Nashville in December
  • $40 – 2 days – many connections for ALL WordCamps
  • I explain why I like WordCamps and why you should too.
  • The connections are incredible.
  • We just attended the WordCamp Orlando 200 people
  • WordCampUS is attended by 2000 people
  • 2000
  • Think possibilities
  • Miami WordCamp has 800+ attendees
  • $40 2 days
  • Joe Pardo spoke on podcasting in NYC at a WordCamp
  • I also learned I can write and publish my book in WordPress skipping Create Space
  • Some topics were over my head but I used that time to meet people.
  • I talk about Working Women World guests
  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone – yes I am podcasting on Thanksgiving Day. I was too busy to get it up yesterday.
  • In this house we are very grateful for our good health because it was tested this year.

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