Shout Out To Mike Mueller – Episode 00263

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This show gives a shout out to Mike Mueller, do you know him?  You should.  He is a terrific man and a great person to know, let’s get started. and all around great man.

  • Last week I talked about the new show, the new title and of course I changed it already
  • I changed it to “Stories From Many Hearts” thanks to Michael Parise, a friend, a priest, a coach and counselor helped me rename the show.
  • I have 8 good guests lined up
  • Danielle Watson helped me today by suggesting an application process be put into place.
  • This show needs to stay on track as to the meaning I started it.
  • My first guest I will record live as in face-to-face and will be with Jenna Edwards in Savannah when we meet there over the holidays.
  • Jenna has quite the story from tragedy to where she is now in a good place.
  • Tiare Smith will also be there in Savannah and I will podcast her because she has a story too.
  • Then the 3 of us will talk as a group about stories and how these stories turned our lives around.
  • Last week Mike Mueller of wrote a blog about why you need a podcast in your business.
  • Mike is a computer/wordpress wizard.
  • He unhacked my hacked wordpress site.
  • I call him Peaches.
  • I dedicate this show to Mike Mueller
  • Again
  • I read from his blog
  • He cross-marketed us, and now I am returning this favor.
  • Mike Mueller helps others.
  • He is a gold-star helper.
  • I wonder if Mike is blushing.
  • Mike’s show is Social Media Edge on Blog Talk Radio and they are live.
  • We talk Guy Kawasaki
  • Why did I give Mike Mueller the raspberries.
  • I do have a stream of consciousness show as he puts it.
  • I talk about my recording area.
  • I do not script my shows.
  • Again if you need a website Mike Mueller is your man.
  • Have I shouted him out enough – heck yeah.
  • New show – women who have stories and how what happened has impacted your life.
  • The show goes with my FB community Working Women World
  • Guests have to also do a sound byte for me to be on the show.
  • Send me an email I will send you the application.



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